The Hypertufa How-to Manual review / The Hypertufa How-to Manual

The Hypertufa How-to Manual review / The Hypertufa How-to Manual

The Hypertufa How-to Manual review :
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Learn How to Create Beautiful
Hypertufa Garden Art Objects
Each & Every Time
This eBook Has Everything You'll Need to Know
to Successfully Produce Long-Lasting
Beautiful Hypertufa Creations That Will

Withstand All Climates Year In and Year Out
Finally, an all inclusive step-by-step information resource to help you produce beautiful, long lasting hypertufa troughs, planters, totems, spheres — just about anything you can think of. Your imagination is your only limitation! You can learn to be creative using the peat-moss based recipe called Hypertufa.

You Can Be 100% Successful With Your Very First
Hypertufa Garden Art Project ... I've Provided Everything
You Need To Know In This Easy-to-Follow Resource
"The Hypertufa How-To Manual" PDF ebook

The Hypertufa How-to Manual review :
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I've worked hard to produce a thorough, clearly explained no-nonsense tutorial for anyone who desires to learn to create garden art with hypertufa.

Everything you'll need to know is explained, including: important safety considerations; how to avoid recipe failures; successful curing techniques; where to locate hard-to-find ingredients; and much much more.

Using hypertufa to create from the most utilitarian to the most whimsical garden art objects is a relatively simple process requiring a minimal amount of ingredients and tools. Portland cement, peat moss and perlite can be used, along with an old wire brush and screwdriver to act as embellishing tools.

The basic "how-tos" couldn't be less complicated. Yet the possibilities for design and creative innovation are practically endless. I always tell students "your imagination is your ONLY limitation".

This eBook is a literal treasure trove of hypertufa making tips and techniques. Here are five more reasons why you should buy this eBook and tap into this excellent resource today:

#1  It offers clearly explained instructions. I've done my very best to over-deliver with my explanations on how to proceed through each and every project.

#2  The information is not overwhelming. The instructions are presented in a clear, easy-to-follow manner that even older children would have no problem understanding.
The Hypertufa How-to Manual review :
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#3  You don't have to spend a lot of money. I have included many ways to save money by making your own forms; using existing objects for great molds; even using some common, household ingredients in place of more expensive commercially available products.

#4  "The Hypertufa How-To Manual" is comprehensive. This eBook extensively covers all the mixing, application and curing techniques you'll need to know for any hypertufa project you undertake. It is also full of helpful time-saving and money-saving tips, tricks and techniques that even more experienced 'tufa makers will find beneficial. This eBook also contains an extensive list of common terminology and their meanings, which is very handy for beginners.

#5  Just ONE SUCCESSFUL PROJECT will more than cover the price of this eBook! Think about it — a hypertufa garden trough can run in excess of $45.00! And that's for a small sized one! Large garden spheres are in excess of $200.00! By making decorative garden art objects yourself, you'll save a lot of money. Plus, you can make the exact size and shape you want and you get the satisfaction that you made it yourself.

And what about this fact: large landscape boulders run upwards of $100.00 or more! You can save a LOT of money by making hypertufa rocks and boulders! These are not hard to do and I personally know many people who became introduced to 'tufa making because they were bowled over by the price they had been quoted by the landscaper for a few "decorative" accent rocks. So they decided to "do it themselves".

The Hypertufa How-to Manual review :
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