sex language / 3 Reasons She Won’t Admit She Wants to Fuck You . .

sex language  /  3 Reasons She Won’t Admit She Wants to Fuck You . .
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How Does The Language Of Lust Work?
At the very core of the Language of Lust program lies the well-established fact that great sex doesn’t just happen in a brief physical connection you share with a woman. The brain has long been recognized as being intimately involved in setting the stage for great sex. This goes for both sexes, but especially so with women.
A 2008 study of visual attention in heterosexual men and women, found that when it comes to sex, what women really want is to be wanted. As the renowned researcher behind the study, Dr. Marta Meana concluded: for a woman “being desired is the real orgasm.” indian sex talk
Lanoff suggests that via his unique techniques and methods, concentrating on open, direct sexual communication with women, you can instill a sense of overwhelming desire and sexual empowerment which will flow into the bedroom with amazing results.
With all of the techniques contained in the course material, Lanoff briefly describes the research and studies that support the concepts he has adopted and mastered. If, however, you expect to read a research paper filled with scientific jargon you’ll unfortunately be sorely disappointed. This is obviously good news for the majority of guys who just want a very concise, step-by-step blueprint on how to achieve amazing success with women.

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After personally verifying the references Lanoff has included in the program (all of which are readily available online) for the purpose of writing this Language of Lust review, it’s very reassuring to know that a lot of time and effort has been spent to create a course which is proven by the latest research and scientific studies.
In simple terms, Lanoff addresses the link between sexual communication and sexual satisfaction. More specifically, he looks at how you can improve your own skills to make a woman feel comfortable in your presence so she opens up to you like she never has with a man before. Now while on the surface this may all seem too good to be true, there is actually an overwhelming amount of research which has been undertaken on this very issue:
In a recent Iowa State University study of 293 married couples, published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, researchers found that disclosing sexual information was positively linked to relationship satisfaction and closeness.
In a separate 2012 study by researchers at Cleveland State University, they found that being comfortable communicating about sex, during the act itself, was directly linked to greater sexual satisfaction.
Similar results were found in an earlier Temple University study where it was found that a couple’s satisfaction with their sexual and overall relationship increased with open sexual communication.

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While there is this well-established link between improved sexual communication and general relationship and sexual satisfaction, a study which reviewed 30 years of research on sexual communication, found that men and women typically find communicating openly about sex to be difficult. The study also discovered that the vast majority of romantic partners have difficulty telling each other what pleases and displeases them sexually, even those couples in committed long-term relationships. talk dirty sex
So what does all this mean? Well the good news is it has been proven that communication about sex and during sex leads to greater sex. The bad news, however, is that many of us are not very good at expressing ourselves in such a way. Well this is exactly what Language of Lust is designed to correct, while providing men with an advantage over those who instead use “old-school methods” to try and manipulate their way into a woman’s pants.
Lanoff has created this program with the primary objective of helping you sexually empower women to experience what they’ve always wanted, but perhaps have been too afraid to experience, or where they have been conditioned to keep their sexual desires under wraps.

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