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love making secrets
love making secrets 

One of the major issues that couples in a long term relationship are usually faced with is keeping their lovemaking steamy and red hot. The newness and passion is usually the most intense early on in most relationship, however, later on the lovemaking magic usually fades away and it becomes really difficult to make things lively once again.

Michael Webb a renowned author has come to the rescue by writing a book entitled the 500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets to help bring back the zest and fire. Check out my review below.
The Pros
It puts the reader at ease

The book begins with a general understanding and foundation on lovemaking. It briefly but accurately discusses topics such as adult films, interesting facts about the Karma Sutra and the importance of romance in any relationship regardless of the stage. This approach is great

love making secrets   :

love making secrets
love making secrets 

The back of the book further contains the sixteen fully illustrated lovemaking positions and a lubrication guide. These are one of the major attractions to this book. However, all said and done this book has more than 500 tips about lovemaking.
Easy to Understand

One of the great things about this book is the easy to read tips that will inspire you regardless of which page you land on. You don’t have to read through the long paragraphs to get a certain tip or point on lovemaking. Each tip has been neatly formatted such that you can glance at it and pick it up easily which is a big plus for many couples especially who are just about to encounter a romantic night!
The number of lovemaking tips

This book is a perfect sex guide due to the sheer amount of ideas that it has. The book actually has 539 lovemaking tips in total. These lovemaking tips range from oral sex tips for both women and men to a number of the games that couples can play before making out with each other. It has tips to help couples make their sex life unique and better each time. It also gives some tips for where you can make love to spice it up a bit and put the excitement back into your lovemaking.

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The book is also very tasteful and has tips that everyone can enjoy and does no way contain any degrading sexual literature, they are just tips that everyone should feel comfortable implementing and sharing with their partner.
The Cons

One of the shortcomings of this book is that some of these tips have been mixed together which can make this book a little overwhelming. It is for this reason that I recommend interested readers to skim through the book a number of times rather than reading the book from the first page to the last one.

All said and done, this book is one of the most complete books that I’ve read that has comprehensive ideas and tips to spice up your lovemaking. I definitely recommend this book if you are looking for new exciting ways to spice up your sex life.Check out 500 Lovemaking Tips here.

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